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Are you looking for a way to come into the power of being in the moment and thus into your potential as a human being? Discover your aliveness and develop a focused mind with Kundalini Yoga, the “royal” among yoga. Whether nerve-strengthening, playful, detoxifying, breath-enhancing or powerful and challenging, each series of exercises gives you a new experience and supports you in integrating perhaps long-forgotten memories of your body memory. In this way you experience on your own body how you grow beyond limiting patterns. There is nothing you cannot be. You become your own best teacher and the wonderful light that you truly are. Try using breath flow to come into your true potential!

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I also offer stress regulation workshops for people who work with people. It is especially helpful forand booked by those who work in social professions, but also in schools, hospitals, nursing homes and everywhere where responsibilities can be challenging for the nervous system. Read more –