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Compassionate Inquiry – An Embodiment Toolkit Workshop
Simple self-care exercises and know-how for the nervous system

Why do I oftenget stressed inparticular situations? Why do I sometimes feel anxious? What triggers me, especially at work?
What can you do if these questions come up more often or are constant companions?
What can be done to detect these moments in time?
There are practical solutions – and relatively simple!

Join our compact Embodiment Toolkit workshop that will support you to build your resilience and equip you with an effective and easy-to-use toolkit to self-regulate how you feel – and give yourself Emotional First Aid. You will learn more about your nervous system and how it can affect everyday situations. Together we will practice various practical tools for dealing with acute stressful situations to strengthen your inner ability to cope with everyday life at work.

These tools are a result of recent developments in neurophysiology, somatic therapeutic methods, and mindfulness practices.

Just as we strengthen our physical muscles through movement, we can also strengthen our nervous system – our “emotional muscles” – and restore our processing ability through the Embodiment Toolkit exercises.

The workshop will include:

  • Background information regarding our nervous system
  • Recent scientific findings about the therapeutic practices we will try out
  • Group and individual exercises
  • Enough time for sharing, breaks and refreshments!

Come join us and find out what you can do today to strengthen your resilience, self-care skills, and here-and-now awareness.
Generally the workshop runs between 2 – 6 hours, depending on what is required, and is designed for groups between approx. 6 – 15 people.
Working in person is preferable, however online is definitely an option.
The format is variable, both in terms of time and content, depending on the target group.
Please feel free to contact me regarding the price and all other questions.